Winning Online Bingo Strategy

Here at Cheers Bingo, we wholeheartedly trust that online bingo is the same amount of about having a fabulous time as it is tied in with winning cash. Obviously, the triumphant helps make the playing all the better time!

All in all, in light of that we’ve been asking ourselves, is there a way that you can expand your odds of winning and thusly ‘raise the stakes’ on the fun stakes as well?

All things considered, a few people will state that since bingo is a session of arbitrary shot, there is no real way to really give yourself the edge like in different types of betting. In any case, there are a couple of little things that you can do to enhance those arbitrary shots.

Try not to freeze! You don’t need to be a maths virtuoso or betting master to work out online bingo techniques! Here we’ve assembled some simple to take after online bingo tips which can enable you to pack some money, and, obviously, make bingo more fun.

  1. Use a Reputable Bingo Site
    What do we mean by “reputable bingo site”? Well, we mean one that is regulated by UK gaming authorities and has a safe and secure online payment system in place. You want to make sure that all is above board, and that your financial details are safe. Once you do, you can sit back, relax and have fun while you play. Knowing that you are in safe hands will not only bring you peace of mind, but will also be beneficial when it comes to withdrawing all your winnings by making it easy and accessible (but only accessible to you).
  2. Timing is Key
    Your best time to play online bingo will probably be the best time for thousands of other happy bingo players too, meaning that this “best time” might not actually be the best time! If you’re in a game with a hundred others then you’re all going to be in competition with each other. As we mentioned before, bingo is a game of numbers so if you play at a time when there are less people pitted against you, your odds of winning bingo are instantly better! Late evenings all the way up to bed time is probably when most people are playing.
  3. Get Multiple Cards
    Since bingo is a game of numbers (quite literally), the more you buy, the more chances you have of winning. But, of course, we encourage our players not to go beyond their means – we are all about gambling responsible. This ties in nicely with our next bingo tip, but we’ll get to that later. Not only is it a good idea to buy multiple cards, but you can also buy into some of the lower-value games instead of the big-money jackpots (which lots of people will be tempted by… see our last point!). This way, if you win by playing games with the lower prizes, you can buy more cards in the jackpot game and increase your chances in those games despite having more competition. See? Increasing your probability of winning bingo is as easy as 1-2-3

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  4. Don’t Get Carried Away
    A very important gambling tactic that you can apply to playing bingo is to set a limit. Bingo, like any other game, is one of wins and losses. And though it might sound silly, it is really important to realise this from the beginning. Let the losses slide; don’t be tempted to chase them with another game and another and another. That way does NOT lead to fun!
  5. Most Important Rule: Have Fun
    This might sound like an odd one to add into a list of online bingo tactics, but hear us out! The best thing about online bingo is having fun, because what’s the point of spending your money buying into a game that you’re not enjoying? We love online bingo because, even though we aren’t in the same room as the other players, it is still super social.



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