Ulrich Pauls Wins $124,221 on PokerStars Festival Hamburg

The PokerStars Festival Hamburg wrapped up finished the end of the week with novice Ulrich Pauls winning the Main Event. The 10-day celebration saw 2,609 contestants from 54 nations granted €1,170,138 ($1,394,629) in prize cash.


Novice Hits Paydirt

The five-day €1,100 PokerStars Hamburg Main Event atCasino Schenefeld started with 567 sections and a €549,990 prize pool. On Sunday, Germany’s Ulrich Pauls crushed Poland’s Michal Lubas to leave with a €105,850 ($124,221) in front of the pack prize. It denoted the main recorded competition money for the 36-year-old Pauls, who was up against some hardened rivalry. For example, not long ago Lubas completed sprinter up to Petr Svoboda in the PokerStars Festival Rozvadov Main Event, which was useful for $96,077.

In the last hand of the competition, which occurred in Level 30 (60k/120k/20k), Lubas raised to 270,000 and Pauls guarded from the enormous incognizant in regards to see a 7♠5♦4♣ slump. Pauls checked, Lubas wager 200,000, and Pauls registration to 475,000.

Lubas reacted by moving holding nothing back for 3.18 million and Pauls considered before calling with simply the 4♥3♠. He was route behind the 7♦7♥ of Lubas, who had tumbled top set. However, Pauls had outs, and was searching for a six. At that point the 2♠ turn gave him extra outs. What’s more, sufficiently certain, the wheel arrived when an A♠ spiked on the waterway.

“I get a kick out of the chance to play following my inclination,” Ulrich Pauls revealed to PokerStars authorities after the win. “In the event that I feel something I pay and today this technique worked truly well.” Other people who got the money for the Main Event were Igor Rybak (fifteenth for $6,642), Daniel Niemitz (27th for $3,931), Walid Ali (47th for $2,641), and Jesper Hansen (67th for $2,382).



Hamburg High Roller

Another competition that played out finished the end of the week at the PokerStars Festival Hamburg was their €2,200 High Roller occasion, which had a sum of 90 passages (80 exceptional players, 10 re-sections), producing a prize pool of €174,600 ($205,168). German Andre Haneberg, who has a six-year-old little girl and works for an insurance agency, ended up as the winner to win €46,380 ($54,500) and the trophy.

“It’s inconceivable and it’s an awesome inclination, I played truly well,” said the 30-year-old from Oldenburg. “I’ll utilize the rewards for my family and to keep on playing poker.”

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Other outstanding champs at the PokerStars Festival Hamburg included Reinhard Nack (€330 Hamburg Poker Cup for €20,000/$23,549), Nebojsa Musulin (€220 PokerStars Open for €13,020/$15,359), and Jascha Ahmadi (€440 Pot-Limit Omaha for €8,234/$9,711).

The following PokerStars live competition arrangement, the PokerStars Championship Prague, will occur Dec. 7-18. The following celebration, the PokerStars Festival London, will run Jan. 22-28, 2018.

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