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  • Explain what is Gamble feature Judi Online in casinos?
    Answer by justin
    Found this article which explains what gamble feature means:

    Hope it helps! Judi Online Website

Yes I know it is up to the person and how he wants to spend his money. But my grandpa has been to all types of treatment programs and so has his friends. These treatment programs never worked and my grandpa lost his, house, his automobile and every thing else. He is going to lose his family also. If he does not stop gambling. What is the world coming to. I am only 15 years old and when kids can go in to a judi online casino or a bar and start gambling, this this is utterly rediculeous. So why in the world dont the government get in there head to stop all gambling.

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Why would any one want to gamble in the first place. Because you never when from gambling. Who pays for the people, who are on social security. The tax payers do. So they are losing a lot of money also. See please help me try to stop all gambling.a Because, we lose the socurity we have now. Due to the people that are on social security right now. Which is most of them in the first place.

Answer by Grumpyoldfart
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  • I would like anybodys opinion on whether a person can have a gambling problem even if that person enjoys judi online gambling, but doesnt actually gamble with money…ie…online betting, but with no money…..
    Answer by kimberly
    gambling is an addiction


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