2017 WSOP Europe: Carlo Savinelli Still Leading

It was moving day at the 2017 WSOP Europe on Sunday as the kickoff competition for the timetable, the €1000 No Limit Hold’em, endeavored to achieve its last table. While it didn’t achieve that daring objective, the last 13 players were resolved with Italy’s Carlo Savinelli holding down the lead.

115 players returned on Sunday evening to the King’s Casino in Rozvadov, Czech Republic, for Day 2 with dreams of a WSOP title moving in their heads. Driving the path following a prevailing Day 1C was Sander van Wesemael, who held a huge pile of 323,500 chips to begin activity. Tailing him up were nine-time WSOP Circuit ring champ Valentin Vornicu, Day 1A chip pioneer Ismael Bojang and Day 1B chip pioneer Sergio Fernandez. In spite of the fact that these men held enormous stacks to begin the day, regardless they needed to ensure they profited.



With just 85 players getting a bit of the prize pool (a min-money earned a player €1952), there would be 30 players who might leave the King’s Casino with only a story to tell. The field approached thumping the numbers down very quickly as, inside two hours, there were just 90 players left. At the point when the time wanted the rise to fly, there was a trio of ends instead of the typical maybe a couple.

While hand-for-hand play was going on, Viktor Katzenberger was the first wiped out. Katzenberger wasn’t the only one, in any case, as Mario Mosbock would be dispatched from the competition and, minutes after the fact, Konstantinos Tsirakidis arrived at the finish of his competition life. With every one of the three ends happening on a similar hand of hand-for-hand play and the 85th and 84th positions being referred to, the three players hacked up the €3904 among each different as whatever remains of the field commended just before the finish of the main level of play of the day.


Once the air pocket popped, the money out pen turned into the place to be. As players like Ivo Donev, guarding champion of the occasion Ryan Hefter, Mike Leah, James Akenhead, Allen Kessler, and Ryan Hughes (winning significant WSOP POY focuses) met their competition destruction, a few players hit the quickening agent to drive to the last table. Both Bojang and Vornicu earned their chips amid the pursue up to and the cash bubble popped, however it was another player who might overshadow them for the general chip lead when the competition was ceased early Monday morning in Rozvadov.

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Savinelli wasn’t doing severely on the day, sitting with around 750,000 in chips, when he entered a four-player hand with Viliyan Petleshkov, Pierre Neuville and Pawel Csichowski. Every one of the four would check an exceptionally perilous J-10-9 slump, however a deuce on the turn brought some activity. Savinelli wager out 150,000 that saw just Csichowski tag along and, after a Queen on the turn brought more interest, the firecrackers were lit.

Csichowski pushed out the rest of his stack – about 300K in chips – and Savinelli quickly decided. A melancholy Csichowski inquired as to whether Savinelli had a King and Savinelli in reality did… actually, he had two with his pocket match of Cowboys. Csichowski could just turn up his 8-6 for the base end of the straight and make a beeline for the enclosure to get his fifteenth place payday.

Utilizing that end, Savinelli would voyage through the staying half hour of the night. At the point when authorities with the WSOP, taking note of that there was minimal shot of getting to the nine-gave official last table, called the finish of the day at 2AM neighborhood time, Savinelli asserted the best space on the leaderboard for Day 2 of Event #1.

2017 WSOP Europe

  1. Carlo Savinelli, = 1.34 million
  2. Serge Danis, = 1.19 million
  3. Ismael Bojang, = 1.12 million
  4. Viliyan Petleshkov, = 1.035 million
  5. Sergio Fernandez,=  980,000
  6. Pierre Neuville,  = 823,000
  7. Oleksandr Shcherbak, = 780,000
  8. Georgios Zisimopoulos,  = 775,000
  9. Dwindle Bstieler, = 765,000
  10. Ali Sameeian, = 760,000
  11. Rene Crha, = 685,000
  12. Alexandre Viard, = 640,000
  13. Walter Treccarichi, = 310,000

The rest of the 13 men will come back to the felt at 2PM on Monday, with the primary wristband of the 2017 WSOP-E set to be granted at some point tomorrow night in the King’s Casino. In the meantime, Event #2 on the calendar, the €500 Pot Limit Omaha competition, will commence its Day 1 activity. It will be a bustling day in Rozvadov on Monday as the 2017 World Series of Poker kicks into full throat.

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